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Online Sambalpur is a Local Platform where we are focusing on interesting facts/information about Sambalpur city like about Sambalpur city and its history, culture & traditions, Tourists Places and Sambalpur administration. Our main aim to provide a digital platform where the people of Sambalpur can get the valuable information about the Sambalpur city.

We are publishing the updated local news of Sambalpur, Local events of Sambalpur, breaking news of Sambalpur on daily basis. All the information is collected from the reliable sources. Before publishing any news and events, our team verify it from the local bodies/ authorities.

We have a Job section where local jobs are published on daily basis. We are collecting jobs published in the local news paper and categorized them in proper manner, so that the people of Sambalpur can search the job according to their requirement.

We have a Tourist section where all the popular tourist locations are listed. All the information collected from our local sources/authorized person. We have a classified section where the local business details are collected by our own team by visiting them door-to-door.

For any queries/suggestion, please feel free to write to us at
[email protected]

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