Enchant yourself with a plethora of tourist attractions in Sambalpur, ranging from temples that are the nerve centre of The tourist attraction of Sambalpur is not less than any districts of Odisha. It is ranging from temples, forests, rivers, monuments etc. It is the nerve centre of the cultural heritage of the handloom hub of Odisha. It has the Mahanadi delta and other deltas of other beautiful rivers which supports natural wilderness.

Sambalpur attracts visitors not only from Odisha and India but also from all over the world because of its rich tradition, captivating attractions and natural beauty. Anyone can be mesmerised by the diverse flora and fauna and its heart touching culture. That’s why we believe that without watching some prominent places of Sambalpur the visit is incomplete. Like, Hirakud Dam, Maa Ghanteswari Temple, Huma Temple, Pradhan-Pat Falls, Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary, Debrigarh Sanctuary and so on.

Sambalpur is also an ideal tourist destination for wildlife enthusiasts, as Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary is just located 22 km. from Sambalpur. It offers tours of elephants, wild bears, sambars, deer and other wild animals. A visit to the wildlife sanctuary would also allow you to enjoy a natural retreat in the lush greenery.

Sambalpur‘sThe brilliant diversity of shopping goods, as well as shopping areas and markets, provides a lot of scope for compulsive shoppers. If anyone is in the city, he/she should not miss out on shopping at Gole Bazaar, and it is very difficult to control oneself without buying something. The Sambalpur tour will take anyone through natural splendour that has not been tainted by modern commercial development and is in the midst of nature in all its glory.

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