Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav:

Here “Lok” means people (ଲୋକ) and “Mahotsav” means festival (ପର୍ବ).This is a cultural manifestation of the hidden age-old traditional performing art of vast geographical areas and is possible through this annual celebration of the festival in the name of “Lok Mahotsav” (ଲୋକ ମହୋତ୍ସବ) . This festival is a reflection of the socio-anthropological evolution of the people of India. Lok Mahotsav shows the integrity and unison of the heritage, culture, music and lifestyle of Kosal that is Sambalpur. Live performances of folk dance, music from all parts of India are the main attractions of this festival which is shown under one splendid stage.

Saree is the most popular female garment in the Indian subcontinent. “Sambalpuri Saree” (ସମ୍ବଲପୁରୀ ଶାରୀ) is one of them. Sambalpuri Sarees are known for their incorporation of traditional symbols like Shankha (shell), Chakra (wheel), Phula (flower), all of which have deep symbolism, but the main idea behind these sarees is the traditional craftsmanship of the “Bandha Kala” (Tie and Dye) art reflected in their intricate weaves, also known as Sambalpuri “Ikkat”.

Sambalpur, Odisha, India is a region that has a distinct identity. Each and everything in this area is unique like its songs, clothing, dances, language and festivals celebrated. This diverse cultural identity arises from the strong association of the tribal and folk communities which have been coexisting in Sambalpur for centuries.

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