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After Manshik, a girl was born, The couple built a temple for 45 lakh rupees

Even today, girls are not wanted in our society. Parents think about the birth of a son. There is very little to think about for the birth of a girl child. Such a couple prayed to Baba Ganesha for their daughter and in order to complete it, they spent millions of rupees and built the temple.

Ashwini Kumar Panda and his wife Anjana Panda live in Panchayat Rajupada village of Baleshwar District Basta Block. Ashwini is an engineer. The couple has their first son. They wanted their second child to be a girl. For this both of them prayed to Baba Ganesha on Purnima in the month of December 2020. He said, when a girl is born, a Ganesha temple will be built in the village.

A girl was born on March 12, 2021. As a result, the panda couple started construction of a temple in the village that year. The temple, built at a cost of Rs 45 lakh, was completed and inaugurated on the 18th. Baba Ganesha and Goddess are worshiped in the temple made of yellow-colored stone from Rajasthan and then Mr. Panda’s response was taken. He said girls are the Lakshmi of the house. They are in no way inferior to sons. A daughter deserves to be respected as much as a son in the family gets. So no family should expect only a son. One should think a thousand times before committing a great sin like murdering a girl.

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