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Budget Preparation: CM Seeking Public’s Email, WhatsApp, SMS Suggestions for Odisha 2024-25 Budget

The current administration is a people’s government. As a result, Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi stated that the public’s opinions and suggestions should be considered when preparing the budget. As the finance department begins the process of preparing the full budget for fiscal year 2024-25, Mr. Majhi has invited the general public to share their views. People can submit suggestions for the state budget via email, WhatsApp, or SMS. The Chief Minister has emphasized the use of information technology to gather feedback for budget preparation. Traditionally, the finance department consults with representatives from various sectors of society before preparing the budget.

Emails, WhatsApp, SMS Invited
Facility Available Until July 5th

For the budget, the finance department plans to collect opinions through a dedicated web portal using email, WhatsApp, and SMS. The finance department is calling for suggestions from the general public in a specified format, which is available at People can send their opinions to the email address [email protected] or to the WhatsApp number 9438161111. Additionally, opinions can be sent via social media handles @fdodisha on Twitter, @FinanceOdisha on Facebook, and @fdodisha on Instagram. This facility will be available from June 20th to July 5th. The finance department urges the general public, civil society, various citizen organizations, and other stakeholders to participate in the state’s budget preparation process by using this unique arrangement.

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