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Drug Mafia will be banished from the city: Commissionerate Police seizes 50 lakh worth of brown sugar, Arrested 3 drug dealers

The Commissionerate Police has listed more than 70 drug dealers and mafias from their previous criminal history. The Commissionerate Police is keeping a register of all the mafias who are in jail and those who are out on bail. Strict action is being taken against those who have multiple cases against them and those who are repeatedly arrested and indulged in drug addiction after being released on bail. Even some of them can be expelled from the city. When two drug dealers were arrested today, the new police commissioner issued a warning to the drug dealers. As the elections are coming up, the police have kept a close eye on drug dealing. An exclusive plan has been made on how the drug mafia will be restrained and a ban imposed on it, Police Commission stated this.

This morning, the Special Crime Unit (SCU) of the Commissionerate Police busted a large-scale brown sugar operation and arrested two mafias involved in it. They are Shiv Prasad Dash (27) and Jagabandhu Dash (29) of Khuntuni area of Cuttack district. 400 grams of brown sugar, a bike, and 3,500 rupees were seized from them. The market value of seized brown sugar will be more than 40 lakh rupees. Investigation revealed that Shiv was working as a loan collector in a private bank. But dreamed of becoming an overnight millionaire and joined the brown sugar mafia. A few months ago, he quit his job and started selling brown sugar. He also involved his local Jagabandhu. He showed the desire to earn a lot of money. Both imported brown sugar, especially from the Haladia of Khurda and supplied to the urban and rural areas of both Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

After the SCU learned about them, a team monitored their movements. On Tuesday morning, the police tried to stop both of them near Tamando when they were coming to Bhubaneswar from Haladia with brown sugar on bikes. When they saw the police, they tried to escape. After a chase of about 20 km from Tamando to Pahala, the police arrested both of them near Pahala. Both of them admitted the truth during the interrogation. To find out who else was involved with them, the police interrogated both of them and gathered some information. The police continue to search the Haladia and Khuntun areas to nab the other. Both will be arraigned tomorrow, Wednesday. On the other hand, the Excise team raided near Palasuni and arrested a drug dealer. He is Saroj Sahu (29). 85 grams of brown sugar and a bike were seized from him.

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