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Sambalpur: Accident Risks Surge in Ainthapali-Budharaja Area, Residents Concerned

Sambalpur: As Sambalpur grows, so does its population and car traffic, putting strain on the city’s road infrastructure. While efforts are underway to modernize and expand some highways, disputes and accusations have delayed the project. The recent repair and widening of the main road from Ainthapali Street to Budharaja Fatak has been criticized for incomplete work, with drains still unfinished.

A new dispute occurred when the road in front of SRIT Colony was suddenly blocked without first informing the surrounding locals. This road is a daily route for residents of SRIT Colony, Pradhanpada, and Kalyan Nagar, the city’s most densely populated areas in the city. The sudden blockage forces people to take longer routes, increasing the risk of accidents. Residents have filed a demand letter with officials, seeking the reopening of this crucial road.

The community highlights the importance of removing the roadblock as soon as possible, highlighting concerns and fears about potential accidents, particularly in light of the recent sad events in Sambalpur and Burla. The demand is a result of a shared desire to stop any unfortunate events and guarantee the security of local residents’ lives and property.

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