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Sambalpur: Ainthapali-Fatak Road Projects Linger; Inactivity Follows Sand Accumulation on Road

Sambalpur: Sambalpur authorities have posted notice boards throughout the city warning people that dumping building materials on highways is prohibited. However, this regulation appears to be broken by the government initiatives themselves. The road extension work from Ainthapali to Fatak in Sambalpur city has left building materials lying across the street for months. The road is even covered in sand in numerous spots, providing a continual risk of accidents.

The debate over the expansion of the route between Ainthapali and Fatak has been ongoing since the beginning. First, the road was deforested without widening. The traffic barrier has been destroyed and repainted, but the drain construction has been going on for nearly 6 months without being completed. The construction company has been idle for months, leaving the work mostly unfinished. It is unclear whether the work will ever be completed.

The majority of the roads between Fatak and Ainthapali have been covered in sand, particularly as half of this unpaved road is buried under it. This makes bikers worry about accidents at all times. However, it is reported that the government ignored the removal of these construction materials. While law enforcement frequently penalizes ordinary citizens for dumping construction materials on roads, it is believed that the developer is exempt from penalties for this illegal activity.

On the one hand, there are claims that pedestrians are being harassed under the guise of this work, despite the fact that it has been stalled for several months. This situation has led to increasing discontent among the people of Sambalpur.

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