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Sambalpur: Bribe Officer’s deed came to the front, no files opened without taking Bribe

Sambalpur: Deed of Sambalpur District Education Department came to the front. Officers openly asking for bribe. Even after caught taking a bribe, they didn’t mend their ways. Signing a document requires money. To forward a file require money. An employee working under the bribe officers complaint against them. The audio of which is now going viral.

An employee under the officers is making a complaint against a senior official of a block. He is telling another person how bribery is being done in the office. The audio of which is now going viral. According to the employee’s complaint, money is required to pass the file. When going to sign, the officer is saying, how much money have you paid? If not, will you give it further or not? Also, someone comes to the office with a file, saying that the work will be done in front of him, then will be completely rejected. Do not touch the file until the bribe money comes. Asking us for money directly and also charging money from other people. We work under them. So the employee is saying in the audio that nothing is being said or tolerated.

  • The Audio of Government Officer is going Viral
  • Such a scam is going on in the Block Office
  • Allegation that the District Education Officer is Knowingly unknown

The accused education dept. officer has already been involved in bribery. There have been allegations of taking money from teachers. Even so, that officer is given more than 2 posts promotion. Because of his good relationship with the District Education Officer, no one dares to speak against him. It is alleged that the DEO is living incognito. Recently there was a complaint against him for threatening a CRCC. He threatened to fired her from her job. Questions have been raised as to why he has been given the responsibility despite one complaint after another against him. For this, contacted to DEO Meenarani Mangal but she did not say anything.

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