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Sambalpur: Complaint Over Voter List Errors in Sambalpur

Sambalpur: The Sambalpur Badabazar Marwari Youth Association has filed a complaint with the District Collector’s office regarding errors in the voter list. Despite having many voters from the Marwari community in the Badabazar area, their names did not appear in the voter list. They alleged that around 50 to 70 people are not included in the list. As a result, they are being deprived of voting in the current elections.

A delegation led by Dipak Agrawal, the president of the Badabazar Committee, representing the Marwari Youth Association, met with the District Magistrate and demanded necessary steps to be taken in this regard. However, with only one day left for the election, the names of those who have been excluded from the list cannot be included now.

According to the complaint, the district governor has promised that the voter list will be updated after the election to rectify the errors.

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