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Sambalpur: Controversy as Vimsar Cancer Department Chief Denies Chemotherapy

Sambalpur: Dr. Kabita Majhi, Head of Vimsar’s Cancer Department, denies being linked to the incident surrounding security guards testing the patient’s blood pressure. Dr. Kabita Majhi, the chief of Burla Vimsar’s cancer department, is under criticism for allegedly refusing to offer chemotherapy to the father of a TV journalist and making threats against him. The incident raises concerns about patient care at Vimsar, leading to calls for Dr. Majhi’s immediate removal.

The dispute started from an article in ‘Prameya’ about a security officer measuring patients’ blood pressure at Burla Vimsar Cancer Department. Dr. Majhi expressed strong dissatisfaction and, angered, played with the lives of his patients to take revenge.

In a recent development, it is alleged that Dr. Majhi insulted and turned away the cancer-stricken father of a TV journalist seeking chemotherapy, stating that she refuses treatment for journalists and their relatives. The patient waited outside the Oncology Department for Dr. Majhi’s permission, facing prolonged delays despite his condition. Dr. Majhi reportedly attributed this behavior to the journalist’s son’s involvement in publishing the previous news.

When a Prameya journalist called Dr. Majhi to request chemotherapy for the patient, the doctor became enraged, demanding an instant apology for the claimed false article. She shamelessly said that she would not offer chemotherapy to the patient even after 5 or 8 days, and she openly stated that they may file a complaint with anybody they wanted.

Following the incident, protests erupted among journalists in Sambalpur, demanding concrete action against Dr. Majhi. Despite the suspension of the security guard, questions arise about Dr. Majhi’s involvement and the overall disorder in the cancer ward. Repeated allegations about Dr. Majhi’s misconduct, as well as authorities’ lack of responsiveness, resulted in public outrage.

The incident prompted intervention from Vimsar Director Prof. Dr. Bhabagrahi Ratha, who ensured the concerned patient received chemotherapy. Despite this, there are still calls for Dr. Majhi’s accountability and action, which reflects larger worries about patient care and professional behavior at Vimsar.

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