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Sambalpur: In the health sector of western Odisha, dialysis services in Vimsar are frequently disrupted, Lack of dialysis left 2 lives in 4 days

Burla: Medical services in Vimsar are being affected due to the devastation. The dialysis service was reopened on Sunday after a long hiatus of four days. Two patients have been reported dead at Vimsar Medical College for the past four days due to lack of dialysis. Importantly, for the past five years, no expert has been appointed to the Department of Nephrology, the so-called Vimsar Super Specialty Department. The nephrology department, on the other hand, is generally demanded by the medical authorities to investigate why such an important service, such as dialysis, is frequently disabled. At the same time, people are not accepting the fact that all the dialysis machines in the medical center are out of order. In the health sector of western Odisha, dialysis services in Vimsar have been disrupted.

In Vimsar, the machine is sometime working and often not working. Kant Nanda, a kidney patient from Burla Mahatabnagar area, died of dialysis on 1st April, while Aruna Bhoi, a young woman from Bhatli area, who was in critical condition after drinking paraquat poison from Bhatli area, died on Saturday night. According to the Vimsar Women’s Medicine Department, she was advised to have dialysis. But dialysis could not be done. She died at around 12.30 pm last night. A senior Vimsar official said the problem with the dialysis machines had been resolved and that the machines had been operational since 12 noon today. Aware of this, Vimsaar would not have seen such inconsistencies had it not been for the presence of specialist doctors in this important department.

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