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Sambalpur: OHPC Employee Commits Suicide by Jumping into Canal

Sambalpur: Anta Pradhan (60), an employee of Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd. living in Burla Bidyut Colony, committed suicide in the canal today. He would have retired from the job next May; However, his colleagues and acquaintances are shocked to hear the news of his suicide by jumping into the canal today.

According to the information, today at around 1 o’clock he brought some goods from the market and brought them home. However, after an argument in the family about something, he left the house wearing a lungi and holding a rug. He even said that he will not come again at home. But even before saying so, the family members took it lightly. Later, it is said that he got depressed and jumped into the canal. But when the cooking was done at home, since Anta did not return home till the time, the elder son left the house to look for his father and even went to the railway station.

Seeing the body floating, a resident informed the police. Later, the fire brigade rescued him from the water. The deceased’s wife is Namita Majhi, a senior maid of Bula Vimsar, and his two sons Raja and Puchu. After the news of his death spread, many dignitaries of Bula town, employees of the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd., and a doctor and nurses at Vimsar visited him last.

Anta was known in the local area as a sociable and pleasant person. His body has been kept at Burla Vimsar Hospital. It is known that the dead body will be handed over to the family after the post-mortem tomorrow.

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