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Sambalpur: Shocking; Children’s NCERT Books Not Available in Market, Parents Express Concern

Sambalpur: New books of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) are not available in the market, students and shopkeepers are relying on old books. Because the books for the third and sixth grades changed this year and are yet to be published, the educational performance of the students in both classes has suffered.

According to experts, the textbooks for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth, and eleventh classes will be changed in November of last year. It was hoped that the publication of new books for the academic year 2024 would start on that day and be available in the market by February or March. The child will get the book. However, the new book could not be released.

Instead, it was revealed in February that only the 3rd and 6th class textbooks will be changed, rather than all six classes. Until then, the department hadn’t been ready for the new course book. The situation is such that April has ended or the book has not arrived. Not only these two classes but no new books have been published. Even if the State Parents’ Association protested, it was fruitless.

The parent of the fifth-grade student said that while the class was happening in school, work was being done with school books. However, the school is now closed for the summer, and online lessons have started. A child is unable to read when there are no books. Children are bringing books from former students and reading. Even that is not possible for third and sixth-class children.

According to the owner of Saraswati Book Store in Budharaja, this year the students and parents are struggling for NCERT books. There is a huge shortage of NCERT books. All books for classes other than 3rd and 6th are also not available. Every year from the last week of February to the first week of March, parents buy their child’s books. They are unable to supply the books as they have not arrived from New Delhi.

According to social experts, NCERT books have not changed since 2006. The absurd decision to change its course during an election year. Because of this, only the students are being paid the price. According to a teacher of a central school, because of the shortage of books, the school is promoting books to old students.

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