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Sambalpur: “Sima Biswal” of Subanpur is the ray of hope to improve the education situation in rural areas

Sambalpur: Yes, education is the most valuable thing for humans. Clearing the Path from Darkness to Light brings courage to face all the difficult situations of family and life. Now, government is implementing many schemes for the development of education. The state of education in rural areas is still going through a critical situation as compared to urban areas. There are also many rural areas where the foundations of rural education are shaky. In such a situation, after the unwavering efforts of some educated young women, the ray of hope in various places has helped to improve the education situation in the rural areas. Such an enterprising woman is Sima Biswal.

Subanpur is a small village under Maneswar Block of Sambalpur District. There is a Chatasali. Sima, who has completed his post-graduate education, is teaching students. Sima’s father works as a farmer. All the members of his family are helping Sima. A total of 20 students are studying in Chatasali. From the beginning, this chatasali started with 3 students. Village Samikhya Mirdha and Sonia Mirdha, two sisters, also read in this chatasali. Due to various problems in their home, they were not going to school all the time.

Even though Sonia studied in the 6th standard, she was weak in studies. Sonia’s education skills have improved after reading the in the chatasali, her parents said.

For the development of education in the village, the head of the ‘Education’ organization held a meeting there and made the people aware. children should educate in chatasali from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays they dance, sing, draw and play games. Subanpur village has a school from 1st to 10th. The members of the educational organization Sima provide free tuition to children from class 1 to class 7. She got married to Jyotish from Jujumura on 26th. This welcome effort of Sima has been praised by everyone as a beautiful atmosphere of education has been created in the village.

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