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Sambalpur: Situation of Aahar Kendra is miserable, Water Purifier and Dish Washing Machine are not working

Sambalpur: Widespread disorder has been seen in the food centers in the areas under the Sambalpur Metropolitan Corporation (SMC). No fan is running, no water purifier is running. The dishwasher and the freezer are also damaged in many places. There are complaints that the centers are not being cleaned properly while the eating plates are also not cleaned properly. On the other hand, after the opening of the Aahar Center, many poor and helpless people are benefiting. But the government and administration have completely forgotten about its management.

The management of food centers has now been given to Self Help Groups (SHGs). The SHG women have informed the SMC to take responsibility and repair the damaged items. For 6 months, they demanded to the SMC to keep the centers clean. The SMC has forgotten to repair the dis-wash machines which have been broken for 8 months and are now lying just around. In addition, there are 5 food centers in the SMC area, according to the complaint of unhygienic environment in the food centers. Both day and night 4600 meals per day including hospital are given in these centers. Dish washing machines in centers for washing food plates have broken down and now plates have to be washed by hand. Due to which the women of SGH have to spend more, the dishwasher and water purifier in the food center in the area have also deteriorated. While 6 fans are running in the center, more than 12 fans have broken down. The ceiling of the center has also fallen in half. The situation is almost the same in other 4 food centers. People are expressing concern as the centers are not being cleaned. On the other hand, SMC enforcement officer Shubhankar Mohanty said that there is a annual meeting for food centers. He said that while the problems in the food centers were discussed, the damaged items will be repaired as soon as possible.

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