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Sambalpur: Struggling Plastic Surgery Department; Has only one device, No specific bed

Another strange condition in Vimsar Burla. A doctor has been appointed in the plastic surgery department, which is shifted to the super specialty department, due to the significant delay in the construction of the super specialty building. But there is still no bed in the medical center for the concerned department. While the concerned doctor is performing anesthesia in the surgery room, the patient of the plastic surgery department is lying on one of the beds in that department.

In Burla Vim Sir, one and a half years ago, on June 1, 2022, an assistant professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mahesh was appointed. According to this department, there is no separate building or bed in the medical center. However, the doctor is treating the patients of the respective department after being appointed. Since there is no building of their own department, the concerned doctors are treating patients in other departments. Many buildings in the medical center are still lying unused. However, a separate building has not been provided for the plastic surgery department. The patients coming to the plastic surgery department are filled in the general surgery department while the surgery is also being done in the surgery room of that department.

There is even a room set aside for this department’s outdoor building. It appeared that the patients were being treated in the surgery department. There is only one bed available in the surgical department to serve these plastic surgery patients. Similarly, surgery is also performed only two days a month. As a result, patients in this department are forced to wait for months for surgery. As a result, patients are facing non-existent problems. However, compared to the patients, this department does not have a bed or a separate operating room. As a result, the doctor who has joined the Department of Plastic Surgery for one and a half years has become worried.

While the authorities say that a super specialty building is being set up for this department, it is not clear when this super specialty building will be operational. It is questionable when the super specialty building will be operational as the work is not completed. The Vimsar authorities have taken notice of this and the general demand to take steps to set up a separate building for this important department in the medical center.

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