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Sambalpur: The family get back their missing son

Satish Dania, 18, a mentally retarded youth who went missing from Visakhapatnam, has been rescued from Sambalpur. He fled to Sambalpur by train. Yesterday, some youths reported to the Khetrajpur police that they saw a mentally retarded youth walking in Kadammal area. Police arrived at the scene and rescued the young man. Khetrajpur police then contacted Ramdas Panda, president of the Constable Association of Sambalpur police, and handed him over. Ramdas Panda then contacted Chaitanya of Kalpataru Ashram and arranged for him to be kept in Kalpatru Ashram. However, the young man was able to recall his father’s phone number so communication with his father was possible..

His parents, who work in Paradip, arrived in Sambalpur this morning. Ramdas Panda took his mother and father to the kalpatru ashram and handed over their son to them.

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