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Sambalpur: The Ultrasound Service in Vimsar is Closed on Holidays; Due to Staff Shortage, Says the Department Head

Sambalpur: 24/7 medical services are available in all hospitals. However, the ultrasound service under the radiology department of Burla Vimsar is allegedly closed on public holidays. As a result, serious patients are allegedly suffering due to the non-existent service.

It is revealed that almost all the departments of Vimsar provide 24-hour service to the patients. A slight exception to this has been observed in the radiology department. The department’s ultrasound services are closed for one week during public holidays. It is alleged that despite this problem being known to all, no alternative arrangements are being made. As a result, patients coming from far away are suffering a lot. In an emergency department like a medical center and in an important medical college like Vimsar, a department has been arbitrarily shut down.

When asked, the head of the Department of Radiology, Dr. BB Panda, said there is a staff crisis in the department. This problem arises due to multiple open vacancies. During the labor crisis, the workers need to take breaks. Such a provision is made for employees who are working day and night to take a break. Dr. Panda said that such a problem will not arise if the vacant posts in the department are filled.

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