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Sambalpur: “Tyranny (ଅତ୍ୟାଚାର) will be on me, why should I apologized ?” – Opposition leader & MLA Jayanarayan Mishra

Sambalpur: Opposition leader Jayanarayan Mishra has reacted after BJD leader Arup Pattnaik’s reaction. Senior BJP leader Jayanarayan Mishra said, Arup Patnaik does not know the respect. He does not know how to behave. Did he a drop out of a University? When he was the police commissioner in Mumbai, he did conspiracy with the Bangladeshis. That’s why he resigned from the post of commissioner.

He asked to kill me, I am an innocent person. If you want to kill, then kill. The police are killing, ex police will also kill. He will call the place to kill, the place I will go is his time. Why should I apologize? Oppression will be upon me, why should I apologize?

I am not apologised for this. BJD has conspired to dilute the issue since it asked to raise the issue of Naba Das in the assembly. Not only me, our party must also raise the issue of Naba Das in the assembly. Bringing transgender for protest.

Jayanarayan Mishra further said, every action has a reaction. I pushed in response as the IIC climbed onto my leg. I will cooperate if there is an independent investigation, but will there be an independent investigation? I have no faith in the police investigation. Let there be a magistrate level investigation. The health minister was shot dead, no one apologized, even the home chief minister did not apologize for the incident, Dhanupali IIC hit me, Why should I apologize for?

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