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Sambalpur: Water Logging Issue on Service Road; NHAI Blames SMC for Drainage Destruction

Sambalpur: In a recent incident, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has blamed the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation (SMC) for the water logging problem on the service road between Remed and Ainthapali in Sambalpur. According to NHAI, the drainage system has been completely destroyed by SMC, leading to severe water logging during rains.

Lack of Proper Drainage System Causes Havoc

Yesterday, there was 2 feet of water on the service road. This situation has persisted for several days, and no effective solution has been implemented. Because of the lack of a proper drainage system, even light rains cause water to accumulate in various locations. The road from Panchgachia Chowk to the Tata Nagar petrol pump is in extremely poor condition. Even a 10-minute rain creates 2.5 feet of water logging, causing significant inconvenience to the public.

SMC Denies Allegations, Points Finger at NHAI

Despite this, the NHAI has not taken any permanent steps to address the problem. Many street lights are also out of order. NHAI has been accused of shifting blame to SMC. On the other hand, SMC officials have denied the allegations. They stated that water logging on the service road is a recurring issue and that the NHAI has made no arrangements for proper water drainage, resulting in water accumulation. SMC believes that the problem will only be solved if the drainage system is upgraded.

Traffic Disruptions and Inconvenience to Residents

Frequent rains have resulted in severe waterlogging from Ainthapali Chowk to Panchgachia, disrupting traffic and causing significant inconvenience to Sambalpur residents. Sambalpur residents have long complained about the service road. Despite collecting millions in toll fees, the construction company Ashoka Buildcon has failed to address the drainage issues, prompting public outrage. The road condition between Sambalpur and Luhurachati is consistently poor, causing dissatisfaction among residents. The company’s negligence in road maintenance has exacerbated the situation, causing widespread dissatisfaction. The road from Ainthapali to Remed is 6 kilometers long, including the service road, but it is in poor condition from beginning to end.

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