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Sambalpur: When will the Budharaja watch tower open? People who came for a walk are returned

Sambalpur: Tourism development in Sambalpur will increase the number of tourists. From the top of the Watch Tower, one can see all the corners of the city and enjoy the beautiful view. For this, the construction of the Watch Tower on the hills of Budharaja was started at a cost of 1 crore rupees. But this hope has not been fulfilled so far. Budharaja Watch Tower has reached the final stage of construction but it is still closed. There is a big lock on the door. People were coming for a walk but returned. There has been intense dissatisfaction over this. Even after 8 years of work, the project has not been handed over to the tourism department.

For the beautification of Budharaja Hills, a sum of Rs. 1 crore was approved by the State Tourism Department in March 2016. The construction period of which was only 18 months. Even after more than 8 years, the work could not be completed. Due to the lack of coordination between both the enforcement department and the tourism department, the handover work cannot be carried out. Both of them are just blaming each other. Since it has been built for a long time, the glass panes are broken. The installed steel pipes have also been broken.

Due to the lack of maintenance of the garden, all the valuable show trees planted there have died. Even though there was a big lock hanging on the gate, the unsocial person was gathered inside. Bottles of wine and various drugs are lying. Every day many people come for a walk and return disappointed after seeing such a situation. People have blamed the administration for the lock in the watch tower. Not being able to produce work even after such a long time is said to be the inefficiency of the former department. Hundreds of college students and tourists come here daily. Taking a selfie and seeing the city from the top of the watch tower is very interesting. But the administration is not paying attention to it. Tourists are turning away and loss of revenue, people said.

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