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Tata to Acquire Indian Business of Chinese Mobile Company Vivo

Tata, a well-known Indian company, plans to return to the mobile manufacturing business. Tata Group was involved in both mobile network and handset manufacturing for about a decade before exiting the industry. The company is currently preparing to re-enter the smartphone business. Discussions are currently underway to acquire the Indian branch of Vivo, a major Chinese mobile company. If the transaction is completed, Tata will own a 51% stake in the Chinese company’s Indian operations, effectively bringing the business under its control.

The Indian government has begun imposing stringent regulations on all Chinese companies. As a result, the popular Chinese smartphone brand Vivo has stated its intention to sell a significant stake in its Indian operations to an Indian company. Negotiations with the Tata Group are currently underway in this regard. Vivo is preparing to produce and distribute its products in collaboration with an Indian company.

However, discussions between the two companies have stalled over the valuation of Vivo India. Tata’s offer is lower than Vivo’s demand, causing the negotiations to slow down.

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