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86% of Indian Employees Unhappy: Angry and Stressed Daily

Many employees are struggling
Only 14% of Indian employees feel successful

A significant number of employees in India are unhappy with their jobs, reporting daily struggles and stress. This data comes from the Gallup Global Workplace Report. India’s performance in terms of job satisfaction is even worse than that of Nepal. According to the Gallup report, only 14% of Indian employees feel successful in their work. The remaining 86% either struggle or are unhappy in their workplaces. This trend is not limited to India but is seen across South Asia as well. Globally, about 34% of employees consider themselves successful, while this rate is notably lower in South Asia.

In the survey, 35% of Indian employees admitted to feeling angry daily, the highest in South Asia. Additionally, 32% reported experiencing stress, although this rate is the lowest compared to Sri Lanka’s 62% and Afghanistan’s 58%. Despite their dissatisfaction, Indian employees have a higher rate of workplace engagement at 32%, compared to the global average of 23%.

Gallup conducted a study on the physical and mental states of employees in various countries, classifying them into three categories: successful, struggling, and unhappy. Those who had a positive outlook on their present and future prospects were placed in the successful category. Employees who expressed negative views and reported daily stress and financial problems were categorized as struggling. Those suffering from physical and mental anguish were placed in the unhappy category.

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