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Debrigarh and Similipal Sanctuaries to See Tiger Population Boost with New State Government Plan

The Odisha government is working to increase the tiger population in the state’s sanctuaries. As part of this initiative, tigers from other states will be brought in and released into two Odisha wildlife sanctuaries. The Forest Department has provided this information.

According to reports, the state government plans to transport five tigers from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Three tigers will be introduced into the Debrigarh Sanctuary in Sambalpur district, while two will be released into the Similipal Sanctuary in the Mayurbhanj district. The tigers are expected to arrive from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh at the end of October.

Notably, the state government conducted a tiger census during the fiscal year 2023-24. According to a report released in February, the state currently has 30 tigers. Similipal Tiger Reserve alone is home to 27 tigers, with 14 females and 13 males. Additionally, reports indicate that the Hirakud Wildlife Division, Paralakhemundi Wildlife Division, and Greater Similipal Tiger Landscape all have at least one tiger.

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