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Sambalpur: Traffic Problems Persist, Traffic Police and SMC Enforcement Department Remain Inactive

Sambalpur: Sambalpur has a dedicated traffic police station with a traffic DSP, an inspector, and numerous officers and employees in charge of traffic management, but the city’s traffic situation remains dire. The city is plagued by disorganized traffic, with vehicles parked haphazardly on the roads, illegal parking in no-parking zones, and roadside shops taking up the pavements. Despite these issues, the traffic police have not taken any significant action to address them. It is claimed that traffic constables are only stationed in a few locations, such as Lakhmitalkies and Ainthapali, leaving other areas unattended.

Persistent Parking Issues

Illegally parked vehicles are common between Mudipada and Cheruapada. Despite the presence of one-way streets, drivers park wherever they want. Customers from nearby shops, medical stores, and clinics frequently leave their vehicles on the road. Similarly, bicycles and cars are frequently parked on the roadside between Ainthapali and the gate area, causing daily traffic congestion. However, traffic officers are rarely seen on duty in these areas. They are occasionally seen taking photos of vehicles and issuing fines, but no long-term solutions are implemented.

Lack of Implementation of Proposed Solutions

A few months ago, the city’s traffic DSP wrote a letter proposing the use of bikes and car lifters. However, this proposal has yet to be implemented. Even though Sambalpur has many traffic problems, they have not received the attention they require, leaving residents to deal with them regularly.

Past Initiatives and Current Inaction

Dibyajyoti Parida, the former district collector, had issued orders prohibiting four-wheelers from Lakhmitalkies to the district collector’s office in order to control traffic. During his tenure, he implemented measures such as clearing illegal encroachments on roadsides and establishing no-parking zones. However, the situation returned to its previous state following his departure. It is also alleged that the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation’s (SMC) enforcement department has been inactive. Despite the illegal encroachment on major roads, no action has been taken. Even though two parking lots were identified, no parking spaces have been built, which is expected to become a major issue for residents in the future.

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