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Sambalpur: Proposal for Sanitation Management and Construction of a Wealth Center in Sambalpur

Discover the latest efforts by Sambalpur Municipal Corporation to tackle sanitation issues with a proposal for a new 200-ton capacity wealth center. Learn about current challenges, ongoing waste management strategies, and future plans to improve waste collection and public cooperation.

Sambalpur: Sanitation is one of the significant issues among the major problems faced by the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation. Despite spending crores of rupees, a solution to the problem remains elusive. Citizens are lodging daily complaints about the issue. Problems persist in all areas, from waste collection to management. Every day, 150 tons of waste are collected from Sambalpur city. Currently, nine wealth centers are operating for waste management, each with a capacity of 5 tons. Given this situation, the Municipal Corporation has proposed the establishment of a 200-ton capacity wealth center in Sambalpur city. If the proposal is approved, a location will be identified, and the budget will be prepared. Public cooperation is crucial to solving the waste management problem.

Commissioner Announcement

The Commissioner, Shankar Sahu, has announced that a separate 21-day program will be conducted in eight wards this month by the SMC. Currently, 150 vehicles are used for waste collection in Sambalpur city, involving more than a thousand workers, supervisors, and other employees. Despite all these arrangements, the waste management problem remains unsolved. The public complains that waste is not being properly collected from the city, and the collection vehicles do not reach all areas, causing widespread dissatisfaction. To resolve the issue, the Municipal Corporation will implement a separate program in eight wards this month. For the first seven days, citizens will be educated on segregating dry and wet waste and other relevant matters. During the next seven days, efforts will be made to streamline waste collection processes, and in the final seven days, fines will be imposed for improper waste disposal.

As Sambalpur city gradually expands, the SMC is also planning to address future problems and their solutions. Currently, the nine operating wealth centers manage 45 tons of waste, with compost production and other waste being handled by various organizations. If the proposed 200-ton capacity wealth center becomes operational, the daily 150 tons of waste from the city can be managed effectively, according to Commissioner Sahu.

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