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Sambalpur: Girl Among 76 Jaundice Cases, Condition Under Control; CDMO Conducts Door-to-Door Visit

Sambalpur: Jaundice has been a source of concern in Sambalpur for almost a week. Today, 76 people have been affected. 70 of them are under the age of 14, with six around the age of 20. The majority of those affected are girls. Two new cases were identified today. The administration claims to have the situation under control.

Today, however, CDMO Dr. Sujata Rani Mishra paid a visit to each affected house. She spoke with the affected people and their families, asking about their health and educating people about how to use water and food safely. The health department team also held awareness campaigns in different areas and spread information via loudspeakers. The exact cause will be known once the water test report is received. Dr. Mishra suspects that the Hepatitis A virus causes the infection.

According to available information, the first jaundice case in Sambalpur was discovered in the Dhobapada area on June 5th. The number gradually increased. Later, cases were reported in Pensionpada and Kumbharpada. Nearly all suspected individuals in these areas were tested. This situation has yet to occur in Sambalpur City since 2013.

This situation has not occurred in Sambalpur City since 2013. According to health department officials, the infection spreads through chuski, street food, and fast food. Several cases were discovered during the Shitala Shashti period. People are concerned that the number of jaundice cases will increase further. People are blaming the PHD department as their concerns grow. Today, PHD water can still be found in drains. In some areas, pipe water mixes with drain water, which then enters people’s homes. There is a demand for joint efforts by the SMC and PHD on repairs. Water samples were collected from various areas and sent to Pune for testing. The water test results from Pune will reveal the cause of the jaundice outbreak.

Meanwhile, the PHD department is working on the pipes as if they were at war. New pipes are being installed, and drain-connected pipes are being separated. The main cause of the spread of jaundice is contaminated water. As a result, efforts are being made to provide the public with clean drinking water.

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