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Sambalpur: Minor Girl Kidnapped from Sambalpur, Escapes at Bargarh Railway Station Using Quick Thinking

Sambalpur: The number of crimes and criminals in Sambalpur has unexpectedly increased. Numerous cyber frauds are going on. Murders occur in broad daylight. Thefts and looting have become commonplace. People are afraid to park their vehicles anywhere because of the increasing number of thefts. Sambalpur has also become a dangerous place for young children.

An abduction in Sambalpur on Friday evening has shocked everyone. On Friday evening between 7:30 PM and 8 PM, a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped near Durgamandap in Dhanupali. Using her wits, she managed to escape the abductors while being taken on a train.

According to reports, the minor girl went near Durgamandap in Dhanupali to purchase chocolates. At the time, three masked individuals kidnapped her in a car. They threatened her with death and boarded a train from Khetrajpur Station. When asked, the abductors claimed she was their daughter. The train came to a stop at Bargarh Station. The minor girl fled the train after seeing a police officer on the platform. She was unable to speak because of exhaustion. By then, the train had left. After some time, the minor girl revealed all. Her family members were then contacted at Bargarh Station.

On Saturday, the minor girl’s family filed a written complaint at Dhanupali Police Station, demanding that the culprits be arrested. The abduction of a minor girl from the city in the evening has raised serious concerns about the Sambalpur police’s security arrangements. It remains to be seen whether the Sambalpur police will successfully capture the criminals.

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