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Maoist Printing Fake Notes: Fake Currency and Note Printing Machine Seized from Maoist Camp in Chhattisgarh

Sukma police from neighboring Chhattisgarh have had a major success. Due to a lack of funds, Naxalites have printed fake currency. Sukma district police and DRG personnel recently received information about a fake currency printing factory in the jungle while conducting a regular combing operation in Korajguda forest. The police moved quickly into Korajguda forest. In addition to seizing a large quantity of Maoist materials, the police discovered a machine used for printing fake currency for the first time.

This machine was used to print fake notes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, and 500. Fake notes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, and 500 were seized near the factory. It has been discovered that after failing to collect funds, the Naxalites created a machine to print fake notes. The police suspect that this money was circulated in the Bastar region. Fake notes were widely used because the local tribal people couldn’t tell the difference between them and real ones. This realization has made the police concerned about how to recover the fake notes.

According to the police, the Naxalites’ lack of funds to purchase weapons and ammunition has prompted them to print fake currency. It is believed that these fake notes have been in circulation since 2022.

These notes were printed by Naxalite members of the Konta Area Committee in Sukma district. Each Naxalite received six months of training before coming to this factory to help print the money. The police’s significant revelation has exposed the Naxalites’ inner workings. The Naxalites are not only violent but also intend to disrupt the government’s economy.

According to the police, the Naxalites carry out such plans by tarnishing the government’s reputation and trapping innocent people. Following this revelation, there is now fear over money in the Bastar region. People are concerned about whether the notes they have are fake or real. Bank officials have advised the local tribal population to double-check their money. According to the authorities, it will not be known how many fake notes were printed until all of them have been collected.

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