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Sambalpur: Chain Snatching in Progress, The Police failed to locate the robbers

Sambalpur: It has been 6 months since the Maneshwar Mandhatababa jewelry robbery incident. It has been 4 months since the robbery of the gold chain from the old lady in Ambira Nagar. Recently, miscreants snatched a chain from the neck of a woman riding a scooter from Mudipada. Last week, an old woman was robbed of all her gold in front of Budharja Jagannath temple. All these events have many reasons. No criminal has been caught till date. All of them were from outer states. They came on a bike and immediately hit the crime scene. Even though there was CCTV footage of the incident, the police could not find the culprits.

  • Out-of-state criminals are raising concerns
  • Questions are raised about the police force
  • A team will be formed under the leadership of SDPO: SP

For the past 8 months, roadside robbers have been creating terror in Sambalpur. They are regularly targeting women and robbing them of gold. Be it chain snatching from a moving vehicle or robbing a gold jewelry shop. But the police are failing to catch the robbers. 2 more incidents have also challenged the police force. The Sambalpur police could not catch the main accused in the much-discussed Sunapali triple murder case. The increasing number of such crimes in the city has made people worried. They are afraid to leave the house wearing gold ornaments.

Regarding the incident of theft, the former security officer Sushil Panigrahi said that three factors should be prioritized to prevent such instances. Advance criminal information, close collaboration with border district police in neighboring states, and a stronger patrolling system will be implemented. Earlier, some such incidents were seen in Sambalpur. Theft of money by breaking into a vehicle’s box were common occurrence. But the Sambalpur police had a great success at that time. Advance information was available. So the police were arresting them before the theft even in the area they went to. Therefore, advance information on criminal gangs should be strengthened further.

This requires proactive policing. It is also necessary to make people aware. Only by taking this as a challenge will the criminals be caught. Mr. Panigrahi said that a team should be formed for this in the district police. Sambalpur SP Mukesh Bhamu said, the incident has been taken seriously. A team will be formed under the leadership of the new SDPO. Criminals will be controlled.

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