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Sambalpur: Innovative system in District Headquarter Hospital, 4 vending machines to cut OPD tickets

Sambalpur: The State Government has brought massive changes in the health sector. Which is appreciated in the world. Free medicines in Niramaya Yojana, home treatment in Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana, and free Yojana have been successfully implemented in people-oriented medical centers. Medical centers have also developed their facilities and infrastructure. Relatives of the patients had to stand in long queues at the OPD ticket center for OPD tickets at the Sambalpur district headquarters hospital. Now that problem has been solved.

4 automatic ticket-cutting vending machines have been installed in the district headquarters hospital. In the first phase, 2 machines have been implemented. One general ticket is located in the counter while the other is near the children’s section. The staff are informing the patients’ relatives how to get treatment tickets. The machine has simple writing on it and is easy to process. As a result, everyone can use it. If it is used intelligently, the patient will not be delayed in getting treatment. Everyone can get the medicine without consulting a doctor by taking a quick prescription.

There should be no delay in treatment for critically ill patients.

Earlier, patients were facing problems for OPD tickets in the Sambalpur district headquarters hospital. All the patient’s information has to be filled out first. After that, an OPD ticket is obtained. Now anyone can book tickets very easily. No more queuing for critical patients, police, and ambulances to collect tickets.

The machine has a simple operation method.

It is easy to use, first, select the department to consult. Then give your name, age, address, and mobile number. The machine will then give a command to print. Finally, the ticket will be printed out from the machine. This policy has been implemented in district headquarters hospitals since last Monday. A trainer is also provided by the hospital to provide training to the people.

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