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Sambalpur: Drama for Love; Boyfriend Arrested

Sambalpur: A dramatic incident unfolded in the Khetrajpur police station area of Sambalpur on Tuesday morning over love. The enamored individual showed up at the young woman’s residence early in the day, questioning her about why she wasn’t talking to him and why she was distancing herself. Despite numerous inquiries, the young woman refused his advances, causing a rise in tension.

The situation worsened when the young man, in a fit of anger, slightly cut the young woman’s hand. Then he cut his own hand with brute force. The Khetrajpur police station was notified, and they responded quickly to the scene. The injured young man was taken to the Sambalpur District Hospital for treatment.

Following medical attention, the police arrested Shubham Mohanty (30), a resident of the town police station area, for his high-drama incident.

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