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Sambalpur: Vimsar Introduces Cutting-Edge Hemoperfusion Treatment from Spain

Sambalpur: In a significant development, Vimsar in Sambalpur has started hemoperfusion treatment with a modern cartridge from Spain. This advanced treatment method efficiently removes toxins from the blood, especially those caused by pesticide exposure or other toxic substances. The Nephrology Department at Vimsar, under the leadership of Dr. Saurabh Shristi, is spearheading this initiative.

The imported cartridge is expected to play a crucial role in treating patients who have experienced blood poisoning due to various reasons, including snakebites, insecticides, and paraquat exposure. Dr. Shristi highlighted the significance of this treatment, emphasizing that the quick removal of toxic substances from the blood can greatly shorten treatment time and improve patient outcomes. The treatment attempts to help reduce the number of fatalities connected with such poisoning incidents.

Dr. Shristi highlighted the need for quick intervention, stating that if patients receive this hemoperfusion treatment within 24 hours of exposure, their chances of recovery could be significantly increased. The treatment of one patient will cost 18 thousand rupees, but the state government is providing it free of charge.

This development is a part of the state government’s continuous efforts to improve Vimsar in Sambalpur’s facilities and infrastructure, making it possible for the medical facility to adequately serve the area’s healthcare needs. For patients from western Odisha and surrounding states, Vimsar is an essential hub for healthcare, and the introduction of hemoperfusion treatment is expected to significantly benefit those in need of rapid and advanced medical intervention.

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