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Sambalpur: Police Arrest Suspect in Hirakud Dyke Dead Body Case Within 10 Hours; Homosexual Murder, Blackmail Involved

Sambalpur: A shocking case has come to light in Sambalpur, where a dead body was recovered from the left dyke of the Hirakuda reservoir. The victim, identified as Raja Bishi, aged 21 of Matru Bihar. This gruesome incident appears to be a case of homosexual murder, followed by blackmail, and the police swiftly arrested the accused within 10 hours of the crime.

The arrested individual is Akash Ranjan Nag, a 26-year-old from Madanpur Rampur Godapokhari in Kalahandi district. Akash Ranjan Nag used to work in a hotel near Sambalpur City Station, as informed by Sambalpur Sadar SDPO Tofan Bagh.

It all began when Akash struck up an encounter with a man named Raja, which resulted in a romantic relationship between the two. As their relationship grew deeper, Raja was able to secure some private images and videos of Akash. Using these as leverage, Raja began blackmailing Akash, demanding money in exchange for not publishing the sexual content online.

Fearing the disgrace and consequences of the images and videos going viral, Akash had already paid Raja Rs. 45,000. However, Raja’s hunger had no bounds, and he demanded more money, this time for Rs. 28,000 more. With no way to meet this demand, Akash took extraordinary and horrible measures.

A few days ago, when Raja once again threatened to leak obscene videos and photos, Akash decided to eliminate him. Last Friday evening, the two went for a walk along the left side of the Hirakud dyke and got into a fierce disagreement. In a fit of rage, Akash pushed Raja down the embankment, causing him to hit his head on a rock and sustain severe injuries. Not stopping there, Akash then brutally beat Raja’s head with a cricket bat, leaving him lifeless before fleeing the scene.

The Sambalpur police jumped into action, setting up three teams to investigate the crime. Within 10 hours, they were able to apprehend the culprit, Akash Ranjan Nag, and present him in court today. The cops also seized the cricket bat used in the heinous murder from Akash’s possession.

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