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Sambalpur: Senpark Turns into Hub for Anti-Social Activity, Residents Urge Police Action

Sambalpur: Sambalpur city is facing a troubling increase in the number of miscreants and criminal activities. Crimes like theft and robbery are on the rise, and while the police manage to catch the culprits in some cases, they are unable to do so in others. Addiction is another major factor contributing to the surge in crime rates.

Despite the presence of law enforcement, Sambalpur has become a hub for drug trafficking. Anti-social elements have made the city streets their haven, where they openly consume alcohol and plan criminal activities. Certain areas like the backside of Senpark under the town, where freedom fighter Biren Sarkar’s house is located, have become particularly concerning. In the evenings, anti-social people are seen wandering around to deal with alcohol, cannabis, and other substances. The locals are afraid to even step out on these roads due to the intimidating presence of these miscreants.

Residents have demanded increased police patrolling in such areas to curb these activities. Many other streets like Deerpark Road, Budharaja Hill, Brukshill area, Dhanupali, and Sindurpank Road are also plagued by the presence of miscreants. Intellectuals believe that if the police focus on removing these groups from the streets, it could potentially reduce the crime rates in the city.

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