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Sambalpur: Sambalpur MLA Jayanarayan Mishra’s Dance Video Has Gone Viral (Video)

Sambalpur: Sambalpur MLA Jayanarayan Mishra has gone viral on social media, displaying his impressive dance abilities to clear up doubts about his health. The brief video shows Mishra dancing vigorously to a Sankirtan (devotional song), opposing claims that he is sick and avoiding public appearances.

In the viral video, the 60-year-old MLA is seen moving gracefully to the beat of the music, displaying perfect body coordination.

The MLA’s dance moves have become the talk of the town, with people appreciating his youthful energy and enthusiasm. Many have praised Mishra for putting the rumors to rest through this delightful dance.

While the MLA and his party have not issued an official statement over the viral video, it has silenced some who have expressed worry about his health. This clip demonstrates Mishra’s energy and active lifestyle despite his age.

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