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Sambalpur: SMC Sambalpur Struggles as Contractors Stay Away from Tenders

Sambalpur: The Sambalpur Metropolitan Corporation is facing a serious setback as contractors decline to participate in tenders for various development projects in its subordinate areas. Despite offering 80 tenders over the last five days for various development projects worth over 2 crores, the response has been disappointing.

Out of the 80 tenders, 48 have had no contractor interest, with only one contractor involved in 9 tenders. For the 22 tenders in which more than two contractors participated, government requirements require a new call for tenders for the 9 in which only one contractor expressed interest. This pattern indicates that 57 of the 80 development projects are experiencing delays, requiring a reissuance of tenders in the near future.

The continued delay in development projects poses a growing concern for Sambalpur, especially given the upcoming general elections and the public’s growing dissatisfaction with slow development activities. The administration is increasingly concerned about a lack of contractor participation, complicating problems for the ruling party as development takes center stage in electoral discussions.

In contrast, contractor non-participation has disrupted the balance between government and market prices due to reduced competition. Historically, intense competition has resulted in many contractors losing money, making them wary of engaging in the tender process unless the job, pricing, and surroundings match their preferences. This growing scenario has a direct impact on the Sambalpur Metropolitan Corporation’s development works. As a result, regardless of the reason, there is a consensus that in order to address this issue, we must seek a solution that involves the trust of all parties concerned.

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  1. Nothing surprise the officer and concern staff behavior is worsen day by day, have to run like dog for payment….it’s better to stay aways rather to struck with headache….all departments have same issue….have to wait till one year sometimes….

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