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Sambalpur: SMC Cracks Down on Illegal Street Vendors, Clears Main Roads

Sambalpur: Sambalpur authorities have cracked down on illegal street vendors and roadside stalls blocking the city’s main roads to solve the long-standing traffic problem. This feature comes as a relief, especially for commuters using the newly introduced ‘Mo Bus’ service.

For months, hawkers and vendors have occupied footpaths and road margins, setting up made-up stalls to sell vegetables, fruits, and other commodities. The unintentional encounter limited the movement of pedestrians while also producing traffic congestion, resulting in delays and frustration for motorists and bus riders.

However, on Monday, the executive team of the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation swung into action and cleared the illegal structures and vendors from Dhuchurapada Chowk to Golbazar Chowk. The sight of fruit vendors quickly gathering their goods and fleeing the scene with their vehicles was a testament to the seriousness of the drive.

The authorities also removed the slabs placed on the drainage canals and created an unauthorized expansion of the roadside businesses. Shopkeepers, who kept goods outside their establishments and encroached on public spaces were threatened with seizure if they did not comply.

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