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Sambalpur: Credit Card Fraud of 1.5 Lakhs; HDFC Bank Fined by Consumer Court

Sambalpur: Last year, Swaroopa Mishra of the Budharaja area, who works for the local Ainthapali police station, had a 1.5 lakhs fraudulent transaction made with her HDFC Bank credit card. On January 27, 2023, she received eight to nine messages in one minute. Out of fear, Swaroopa deleted those messages. During this time, two transactions were made from her account: one for Rs. 90,000 and the other for Rs. 60,000. Her credit card was used to buy luxury items from a shop in Amritsar. On that day, Swaroopa contacted the bank to report the fraud. The bank assured her that steps would be taken, so she filed a complaint with the Ainthapali police station. The bank was asked to provide transaction information, but they couldn’t give it. However, the bank confirmed the fraud of 1.5 lakhs. Swaroopa filed a complaint with the consumer court after the bank failed to act.

On Tuesday, Dr. Ramakant Satpathy, Chairman of the Consumer Court, and Member Sadanand Tripathy reviewed the case and ordered HDFC Bank to return the 1.5 lakhs to Swaroopa within one month. If the money is not returned, the court ordered the bank to waive the full amount, including interest. Additionally, the consumer court ordered HDFC Bank to pay 50,000 rupees in compensation and 20,000 rupees in legal fees. Prashant Kar and his associates represented Swaroopa in this case.

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