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Sambalpur: Sterilization of Stray Dogs Begins in Burla Animal Hospital

Sambalpur: The sterilization process for stray dogs has begun at the Burla Animal Hospital. The district animal husbandry department is spearheading this initiative, which is supported by the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation.

The program aims to reduce the number of stray dogs in the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation area. Although the sterilization effort began in 2015, the High Court issued a stay order several years later. As a result, the surgery was postponed for eight months. According to the Animal Hospital, the process resumed in April. Commissioner Vedabhushan visited Burla Animal Hospital today to assess the situation. He expressed confidence that the plan for sterilizing stray dogs would be successful and emphasized the importance of meeting the targets. Given the growing population of stray dogs, the commissioner emphasized the importance of reducing their numbers.

Dr. Muktikanta Bhuyan, ABC Project Officer, stated that the aim is to reduce the number of stray dogs rather than eradicate them. CDVO Parshuram Panda stated that the administration is fully supportive, and surgeries will continue. Today’s review was attended by CDVO, Deputy Director Dr. Khirod Patel, ADVO Dr. Rajib Lochan Behera, SDVO Dr. Satyanarayan Sahu, VS Dr. Biswaranjan Chhatar, ABC Assistant Hiralal Bag, and dog catchers.

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