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Sambalpur: “Koshal Mahaband” will be held on Saturday 18th Nov

Sambalpur: “Koshal Mahaband” will be held on Saturday 18th. Koshal State Joint Action Committee has given a memorandum to the Sambalpur District Collector on behalf of Koshalanchal.

According to their memorandum, the committee has called for the closure of all government and private schools, colleges, offices, banks, institutes, shops, markets, and roads, except for emergency services, which will be closed from 6 am to 6 pm on the 18th. The committee said that this closure was due to the demand for a separate koshal state.

Virendra Panigarahi, Ashok Chhatar, Deepak Kumar, Bhaktiprasad Nanda, Prabhanjan Patel, Swagat Bhoi, and Aman Pradhan were mainly present and presented the letter to the District Magistrate.

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  1. If it will be successful ? Involve political leaders & do mass awareness than it will be successful. Coastal area person don’t want a separate Kosali state,because all the revenue is going through western Orissa.

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