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Sambalpur: Shortage of Stretchers and Wheelchairs at Vimsar, Patients in Distress

Patients Carried by Relatives Due to Lack of Equipment

Sambalpur: Previously, patients at Vimsar were treated on the floor due to a lack of available beds. The current shortage of stretchers and wheelchairs is causing significant distress for patients and their loved ones. Due to a lack of stretchers, patients are being carried up and down the stairs by family members using various makeshift methods.

Long Waits and Struggles for Basic Medical Transport

When doctors advise patients to undergo various tests, it creates a burden for their relatives, who frequently have to carry the patients themselves due to a lack of stretchers. There are only a few stretchers available for critically ill patients, and they are frequently removed from the steward’s office for examination purposes. As a result, relatives of patients have to wait a long time for a stretcher.

Comparison with Other Hospitals’ Resources

In many hospitals, there is an adequate number of stretchers and high-quality wheelchairs available, which are used by relatives and then returned to their designated places. However, at a major hospital like Vimsar, the lack of necessary stretchers and wheelchairs is causing considerable trouble for both patients and their relatives. Even in the emergency department, there is a shortage of stretchers. Relatives of patients often wait for hours to get a stretcher. Using broken or damaged stretchers and wheelchairs is risky for patients. Many stretchers have bandages, plastic ropes, etc., tied to them, indicating their poor condition. The condition of the wheelchairs is similarly poor.

Despite these issues, there have been complaints that Vimsar officials are not paying attention to resolving the problems that patients and their relatives face. According to intellectual circles, Vimsar’s reputation suffers as a result of such mismanagement.

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